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Fall 2016 Scholarship Announcements

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

The St. Elizabeth College of Nursing Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the following recipients of the

2016 Fall Scholarships


Sister Camila Smith Scholarship

Caitlin Bingham, Weekday Senior                               Lindsey LaFountain, Weekday Senior

Andrea McDonald, Weekend Senior                          Katherine Medina, Weekday Senior

Shelliann Williams, Weekday Senior


Sister Walter Marie Scholarship

Kristen Beckwith, Weekend Senior

Moon Burke, Weekend Senior  


J. Francis Roche Scholarship

Lindsey Hellinger, Weekday Senior

Maurice Luck, III, Weekend Senior



Ida Rosenthal Scholarship

Charity Gingerich, Weekday Senior

Bethany Karl, Weekday Senior



Class of 1974 Scholarship

Kayleigh Olsen, Weekday Senior





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