College Strategic Plan

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing

Strategic Plan: 2015-2017

Objective 1: Promote educational strategies and experiences that immerse students in SECON learning activities.


                       1. Enhance Simulation Lab experiences for use by students across the curriculum.

                       2. Promote initiatives to improve student retention and graduation completion.

                       3. Empower the teacher and learner using informatics, technology and health care.

                       4. Provide ongoing opportunities and resources.


Objective 2: Respond to current and future trends in healthcare delivery to guide nursing education and new technology.


                       1. Develop an educational plan to enhance student interactive learning with alternate teaching                  methods.


Objective 3: Empower the college community, in the spirit of the Franciscan tradition, to embrace service to one another in the community.


                        1. Integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning                     experience and promote civic responsibility.


Objective 4: Promote effective communication and dissemination of information to all college constituents.


                       1. Utilize technology systems and multi-disciplinary meetings to communicate information.


Objective 5: Ensure financial stewardship of College of Nursing budgets and investments.


                        1. Monitor investment trends in compliance with Investment Policy statement.

                        2. Develop budgets to maintain operations inclusive of advances in simulation and technology.


Objective 6: Develop processes to improve enrollment with qualified applicants.


                       1. Enhance the recruitment process to improve the ability to attract qualified applicants.


Objective 7: Promulgate a climate of safety for all college constituents.


                       1. Promote safety practices by developing processes to ensure a secure environment.