Student Outcomes

Retention Rate (Percentage of first-year students from the previous fall who are again enrolled in the current fall semester.) (Class entering Fall 2015)

2 Yr Weekday Program 75.8%

3 Yr Weekday Program 87.5%

3 Yr Weekend Program 100%

Graduation Rate (150% of the Published Time for the Program)(Most recent data as of 05/01/2017)

* The 3 Year program cohorts start when students begin the nursing sequence per ACEN Standards.

2 Yr Weekday Program 76.3%

*3 Yr Weekday Program 75.0%

*3 Yr Weekend Program 100%

Graduates (2017-2018)   90 (July 2017 through June 2018)
Employment Rate (Within one year of Graduation - Seeking Employment)             100% (Available data as of May 2017)
NCLEX Pass Rate  (Degrees Conferred from 07/01/2016 to 06/30/2017)   91% (Passed on first attempt -  Available data as of Dec 2017)


Program Outcomes

            The College of Nursing expects that each graduate will have the ability to achieve the program                      outcomes as defined by the administration and faculty:

>   Graduates will demonstrate at least 80% pass rate for all first time NCLEX test takers during the    same 12 month period.

>   The cohort graduation rate will be 66% or greater within six semesters.

>   Ninety percent (90%) of graduates will secure a job in nursing within 12 months of graduation.

>   Ninety-five percent (95%) of graduates actively seeking a position in nursing will secure a    position within 12 months of graduation.