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The library consists of a main reading room with comfortable tables and chairs, librarian's office,  and two (2) quiet study rooms. The library has computers with Internet capability, further expanding search opportunities for students. The library offers a collection of volumes on professional and cultural subjects and maintains numerous subscriptions to professional medical and nursing journals. There is one full-time librarian whose hours are flexible according to student need.

In addition to the College library, students may use the facilities at SUNY Poly, the Utica Public Library, other local community college libraries, and St. Elizabeth Medical Center Library.

Residence Facility

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing offers students the opportunity to live in rental  homes conveniently located adjacent to the College and Medical Center campus. Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis.  Applicants can discuss this option with the Admissions Office during the application process.

Educational Building

The College of Nursing complex was completed in 1969. The educational building and St. Elizabeth Medical Center (SEMC) offices are connected on the ground floor level by a two-story entrance lobby. The teaching center contains faculty offices, classrooms, nursing skills learning resource center, science and computer laboratories, a modernly equipped audio-visual center and library, and a large auditorium-style room.

Media Center, Classrooms, and Science Lab

The Media Center is fully equipped with modern AV and computer hardware and software. Students utilize computer-assisted instruction in all courses and have access to the Media Center for independent projects and research work. Internet access is available to all students.

Classrooms feature state-of-the-art equipment including comfortable seating for interactive learning. All classrooms include a laptop computer, video document camera, DVD/VCR with large screen projection, as well as accessibility to the internet.

The science lab is located on the fourth floor of the education building where microbiology is taught by SUNY Poly faculty. Laboratory facilities include 20 individual stations for students' use, featuring microscopes and other needed equipment for class experiments and practice.

Computer Resource Room

A resource room, located on the second floor, is equipped with 18 computers and is used to instruct students in computer, math, and writing skills. Assistance is provided to any student requesting help.

Nancy A. Roman Nursing Resource Center

The Nursing Resource Center is located on the third floor of the education building. This center is used by freshman and senior students to practice and develop essential psychomotor skills that promote the safe practice of nursing. The center contains (a) state-of-the-art manikins for simulated skill practice, (b) computers for critical thinking activities and student research, (c) tables and chairs for interactive learning, (d) audiovisual hardware and software for faculty and student use, and (e) a supply closet that contains materials needed for skill practice and supervision. Students can practice clinical skills in a spacious area that simulates a clinical unit, consisting of a central nurses' station that is surrounded by individual client care stations.

Clinical Experiences

St. Elizabeth Medical Center offers clinical experiences in medical surgical, pediatric, and psychiatric nursing. Planned experiences in the community supplement the instructional and clinical curriculum. During specific areas of study, other health facilities are used to fulfill course objectives. They include: Faxton-St. Luke's Healthcare; Rome Memorial Hospital; University Hospital/ SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse; several nursing homes; and various clinics, physicians offices, and school districts. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to all clinical sites. A clinical rotation at University Hospital@SUNY Health Science Center in Syracuse, NY, is offered during the pediatric nursing course. The rotation is for two days a week for three consecutive weeks. Students can make arrangements to stay overnight in Syracuse if they wish, or they may commute. Students are expected to pay for rooms, meals, and transportation to University Hospital at SUNYHSC.

Day Care Opportunities

A child day care center called "Junior Junction" is located on the College campus. Employees and students of St. Elizabeth's are eligible to use this service, provided that space is available and financial arrangements are made in advance. Please contact the day care center at (315) 734-3017 for further information.