Evening / Weekend Program



Fall Semester Credits
BIO215 Anatomy & Physiology I 4.0
ENG101 English I 4.0
PSY100 Psychology 4.0
Spring Semester Credits
BIO216 Anatomy & Physiology II 4.0
SOC100 Sociology 4.0
PSY220 Life Span Development 4.0


Fall Semester Credits
NUR116 Fundamentals of Nursing 8.0
NUR141 Intro to Pharmacotherapy 2.0
BIO275 Microbiology 4.0
Spring Semester Credits
NUR118 Concepts of Holistic Nursing I 8.0
NUR142 Caring Processes in Pharmacotherapy 2.0
Summer Semester Credits
NUR122 Clinical Practicum in Nursing 2.0


Fall Semester Credits
NUR230 Nursing and Women's Health 4.0
NUR231 Nursing of the Childrearing Family 4.0
NUR243 Issues in Prof. Nursing Practice 1.0
Spring Semester Credits
NUR240 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 9.0
NUR244 Transition to Professional Practice 1.0
Nursing 41.0 Credits Total Credits
Arts & Sciences 28.0 Credits 69.0

This program is designed for completion in three (3) academic years. However, if Anatomy & Physiology I and II are both successfully completed within 5 years prior to enrollment year, the program can be completed in two (2) years instead of three (3).

To graduate from SECON, a student must complete 30 credit hours as a matriculated student, 24 credits of which must be in nursing.