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2018 Moving Up Ceremony

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

 Moving-Up Ceremony Held at College of Nursing


St. Elizabeth College of Nursing held its Moving-Up Day ceremony on Tuesday, August 28, 2018.  The ceremony recognized 85 students who have advanced from the first year of the nursing program (freshmen students) to the second year (senior students).  During the ceremony, the following awards were presented:

Excellence in Academic Achievement:

Weekday: Sarah Pickering

Weekend: Rachael Decker


Excellence in Clinical Achievement:

Weekday: Daniela Morgun

Weekend: Shalonda McClain


Leadership within the College Community:

Weekday: Melissa Mendez

Weekend: Amber Lamb


Exemplifying the College's Model of Nursing:

Weekday: Abigail Abbott

Weekday: Kallea Kirk

Weekend: Samantha Morrison

Weekend: Christina Oaster


Class Awards:

The Weekend Class of 2018 presented awards to:

Samantha Domion

Ashley Matson

Maria Ultsch

Brie King-Washington

The Weekend Class of 2015 presented an award to:  

Adnana Puskar

The Weekday Class of 2018 presented awards to:

Rebecca Schmitt

Alexis Jory

Linda Morawski

Specialty Scholarships:

In Memory of Rose Maggiolino, a graduate of the Class of 1941, an award was presented to:

Jessica Bankert

The St. Marianne Cope Scholarship was awarded to Madison Brewer. This scholarship was made possible through the generous donations of the Board of Directors of St. Elizabeth College of Nursing.



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