College Strategic Plan

St. Elizabeth College of Nursing

Strategic Plan: 2018-2020

Objective 1: Engage the learner in educational strategies that promote achievement of student learning outcomes and program outcomes.


                       1. Promote initiatives to improve student retention and graduation completion.


Objective 2: Manage resources in collaboration with the governing organization and the community to enhance educational excellence.


                       1. Produce budgets with three (3) year forecasts that are balanced that provide resources to meet student needs.

                       2. Monitor investment trends in compliance with Investment Policy statement.


Objective 3: Model leadership in nursing education through exemplary standards and practice.


                        1. Provide faculty with resources for effective orientation and mentoring.

                        2. Empower Faculty Organization Committee to practice shared governance to structure the nursing program.


Objective 4: Empower college constituents with the spirit of Franciscan values to embrace service to one another in the community.


                       1. Integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience. 


Objective 5: Promulgate a climate of safety for all college constituents.


                       1. Promote safety practices by developing processes to ensure a secure environment.